Clients may benefit from the following value added services aimed at creating valuable positive impacts on our clients profit and loss account, thus ensuring favourable win-win solution. Affirmation of integrity and confidentiality of information is also a pledge.

(1). Complete freight management: Ensures complete peace of mind and further allows
clients to focus on the” Money” their core business!

(2) Quality Service: Poron Oil & Maritime Services Ltd [POMSL]is an insured and licensed
company whose quality system complies with well accepted international standards.

(3) Competitive Rate: Competitive market driven rates ensure value for money and cargo
movements, thus providing a very competitive edge for clients.

(4) Single person contact: Improving customers time utilization / communications.

(5) Daily Tracking reports: Forwarded to clients and other nominated parties allowing for
improved forward planning and limiting the likelihood of pilferage.

(6) Account reconciliations: Consignments dispatched by clients are reconciled, ensuring
accuracy of entries and charges. Also FDA’S are concluded and sent immediately after
every transaction.

(7) Simplified invoices: Yet comprehensive, reducing an administrative burden; and cost
forwarded to clients on a weekly or monthly basis, and on a case-by- case basis.

(8) Multi-modal: Poron Oil & Maritime Services Ltd [POMSL] utilizes in-depth multi-modal
procedures and strategies to remain Always competitive and impact positively on our
clients pockets.


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