SHIP AGENCY : Ship Agency (for petroleum tankers and general cargo vessels/barges/`carriers), Protective Agency Services, Ship Chandler Services, Crew Sevices, Launch Boat Services, Ship brokerage, Charterparty Interpretations, Demurrage and Dispatch calculations and vetting, Modular Freight Handling, Canal Transit Services ,P & I Correspondence, Bunker Fuels, Hub Agency Services, Sea/Air Freight management, Supply Chain Management and Marine Logistics.
Target Market: Petroleum Trading/Oil & Gas, Dry Bulk, Husbandry, Ship Owners, Charterers, Operators, Liner Services Representative, Cruise, Navy.

LOGISTICS : Warehousing and Distribution, International moving, Road Transportation, Courier services.
Target market: E&P Companies, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Entertainment

CREW MANAGEMENT : Crew Manning, Crew Change, Crew Logistics

MARINE : Offshore Support, Towage & Barge Operations, Ship – to – ship Transfer, Target Market: E&P Companies, Oil & Gas, Project Forwarders, Offshore contractor companies, Drilling companies, Heavy lift operators, Healthcare.

SUPPLIES/INDUSTRIAL CLEANING: Manufacturers representatives, partnership investment with international bodies and companies, Telecommunication / communication equipment supplies and services [VHF RADIOS, SSB’S Equipment etc], Vessel Cleaning, Office and building cleaning, Office equipments, industrial machines and furniture supplies, Oil tools and safety wear supplies. Rig washing. Caustic Soda sales and supply (Nigeria/West Africa Representative).


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